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Testimonials, Hunt Success and Videos - Field Testing of Pittman Bullets

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November 17th 2017

865 Yard Muzzleloader Whitetail Deer Harvest by Tim Burnette using a Hankins Custom Muzzleloader and Pittman Bullets Aeromax 350's. To my knowledge, this may be the longest muzzleloader kill shot on video. Awesome Shooting Tim!!!



 "Hi Kyle, 

                I wanted to send you pics of buck I got Dec. 21 with your 300gr Aeromax and my Rem Ultimate conversion Jeff built for me. He went right down in his tracks. The range was only 65 yards, but the Aeromax sure did the job. 21.25" wide, 17 pts, gross score 158 2/8. Thanks for an outstanding bullet. I'll be in touch when need more bullets."






               "Ohio 9 point buck killed at 187 yards dropped in his tracks w/300 gr Aeromax"


Sam Gerber



          "My wife Mindy Gerber - Ohio 16 point buck shot freestanding at 256 yards w/300 gr Aeromax."


Sam Gerber



              " Both of these were shot using your bullets. The Bull was shot with your 325 Aeromax pushed 2610 fps using Blackhorn 209 at 780 yards. The deer was shot with your 325 AccuMax 325 pushed 2500 fps with Blackhorn 209 at 210 yards. Both bullets performed extremely well. Thanks for Making such great bullets. "


Kade Allred



               "Thanks for the great bullets Kyle."


Allan Rovig Jr.


McWhorter Custom Rifles



" Kyle,

            Thanks for making the 300 grain AccuMax. My son and I have not found a bullet that shoots more accurate or flatter than the 300 gr. Pittman AccuMax in our Remington 700 Ultimate Muzzleloaders. We have shot 5 deer this season using this bullet. It has excellent expansion and weight retention. Four fell where they were shot. This 10 point left a blood trail that was easy to follow. My son shot this 10 point at 180 yards with the 300 gr. AccuMax, short black MMP sabot and 145 gr. by volume of Blackhorn 209. "


Danny Williams



            " I set up this morning hoping to stretch out my new Hankins smokeless muzzleloader and the Pittman 275's but that wasn't the case, this 9 point came in at 75 yards. A Pittman to the point of the shoulder and he was done. Thanks Kyle for a great bullet. This was my view this morning. "


Derek Angle



                 "Kyle this is Wesley Peeler from Shelby, N.C. Just wanted to tell you thanks for making a great bullet! This is the 4th deer that I've shot with the reg. 275 gr. AccuMax anywhere from 80 yds to 270 yds with great results. I hunted with Blue Dark Outfitters in North Carolina."


Wesley Peeler



              "The Pittman AccuMax and the Hankins Smokeless Muzzleloader deliver a deadly combination. If you are looking for a match grade hunting round that delivers superb killing performance these are your bullets. My buddy and I just returned from a hunting trip to North Carolina and we "bang flopped" 4 deer ranging from 55 to 204 yards. I have used numerous other popular muzzleloader bullets but nothing compares to the AccuMax, seemed to spend more time looking for deer than hunting. Great customer service. "


Craig Holder





               "My Hankins Custom .45 rifle and Pittman 275 AccuMax bullets helped me win the NMLRA National Title! I needed a bullet with a good B.C. that would get me good accuracy from 50 to 500 yards. This is a tuff task to complete with the low pressures of black powder and black powder substitutes. That's exactly what I found with Kyle Pittman's AccuMax bullets! The target I'm holding is a record breaking 5X target shot at 200 yards at the NMLRA 2016 Fall Nationals. Thank you Kyle for developing a bullet to fit my needs to win a National Title!"


Doug Schwartz



          "My father has hunted hard for the last 5 years with a serious nerve disease. Tonight he used my Hankins with your 300 grn. bullets to bang flop his first big game animal of his life at 74. 2" entrance and 2" exit. Shot was 30 yards. He was dead on his way down.  Roy Guidry"



"Hey Kyle,


                I know this is nothing new to you. Just wanted to say that the 325's shoot just as good as the 275's out of my rifle. I shot one 3 shot group at 300 yards last night. I have a 3/4 moa dot in the center of my Leica reticle so it isn't quite as precise as a fine crosshair and it's only a 12 power, but I shot a sweet 1 5/8" group. None were over 1" from center of the bull. I am going to make a v shaped target so I can really see what they will do. Still blown away by the Hankins Rifle / Pittman combo."


Roy Guidry


      "Tried the Pittman 325 grain bullets today for the first time with amazing results. In our 45 XML custom muzzleloader with IMR 4198 I was able to shoot several 1/2 MOA groups at 200 yards. Also had time to dial to 500 yards and shot a group that measured under 3". Can't wait to give these bullets some more range time. Thanks for the great bullets Kyle."


Allan Rovig


McWhorter Custom Rifles, Inc.



"I wanted to say, GREAT BULLET, I bought a CVA Accura inline muzzleloader after the deer season ended here in south east Texas, of course with the intent of being able to extend my hunting season. I have had a lot of fun learning about muzzleloading, and shooting the gun I purchased, now I have a gun that is making me consider putting up all of my centerfire rifles away and switching most of my shooting time to muzzleloading.  Your bullets have turned my CVA into a tack driver. The 275 and 95 grains by volume of Blackhorn shoots a hole and the 300 grain with 85 grains by volume shoots one hole. I am impressed, very impressed, cannot wait to see them perform on deer and hogs. Thanks again for a bullet that works, my CVA is a bench rest rifle now, ha!  That's 4 shots, three in one hole."   Mark Brann




        Just wanted to share a 3 shot group i shot with your AccuMax 300 gr bullets that measures .198". Also wanted to say thanks for the great customer service you gave in answering my questions. I also have your AccuMax 275 gr bullets and will let you know how they shoot for me. Thanks Again, John Gilmer"





I just thought you would like to know I took two doe this evening with your new AccuMax 275 grain bullet. The first doe was at 403 yards and the other one was at 433 yards. Thanks for making a great long range bullet..."

Jeff Hankins

Hankins Custom Rifles LLC




"I would like to share my group I shot with your Pittman AccuMax 275. This group measures .193" center to center and this was the first 3 bullets I shot out of the box. I am still hunting in Michigan and hope to put a doe or two down with your bullet. Thanks for offering a great bullet!"

                                                                                                        Don Lockhart

                                                            Stockbridge MI



"Well after I sent you the picture of my target last night I went out the next morning to do some doe management with the 275 grain Accumax .452....I am so impressed with this bullet. It knocked this doe over on her back. Even though she got back up, she only made it about 40 yards. These bullets are going to be hard to beat. They are the most accurate and at the same time delivers the energy to the animal like no other bullet in it's class. Thank you once again for offering such a wonderful product!"


Don Lockhart

Stockbridge, MI



"Just wanted to take a minute and share a 100 yard group I just shot with your Pittman 275 grain AccuMax. I shot the group in 15 to 20 mph winds and still managed to shoot a group that measured in at .361", impressive to say the least. I'll be heading to Missouri in the morning to hunt the last few days of their muzzleloader season, hopefully I'll have some luck and be sending you some pictures in a few days. Either way just wanted to say thank you for such a great bullet!"


Eric Hann

Stockbridge, MI



"On 12/16/15 I received in the mail a package of your 275 gr. bullets unexpectedly. A little confused, I opened, read your letter and was honored that you selected me as a field tester for your bullets. Before leaving the next day for the last remaining days of the NY muzzleloader season, I quickly sighted in the gun at 100 yards and headed to camp. My mission was to harvest a deer. As luck would have it a little 8 point came bee bopping down the hill at 70 yards. He turned slightly, although still moving I squeezed the trigger. What I saw ...I have never witnessed before in all the deer I've shot with a with a centerfire, shotgun or muzzleloader. Ive never seen a deer get pushed three steps back. The next step he realized his right front tire was flat, the next he knew his left front tire was somewhere along his side. He plowed the leaves for 30 yards ... Maybe? Things looked sort of normal except for both front legs flopping all around.  After skinning him out later it was evident that I'd received the THUMPERS I'd been looking for when a 150 plus whitetail steps out and has to go down right away! Thanks for the opportunity!"


John Rettig

New York



"Just wanted to share my first harvest with the Pittman 275 AccuMax and my Hankins .45,  these two components seem to be an extremely accurate and deadly combination. I was hunting a cut corn field with a steady light rain/drizzle, a night where you certainly don't want a lengthy track job. As the deer started to fill the field, I picked out a good doe and squeezed the trigger. She went 40 yards and expired in sight. Your bullet performed just as I had hoped, thanks for a great product!"


Eric Hann

Stockbridge, MI




 Thanks for the opportunity to test the Pittman 275 grain bullet. Opening the box right away, I noticed the very sharply pointed bullets then off to the scales. The Pittman Bullets are benchrest class bullets as I am impressed with the quality & the weight tolerance. Keep in mind my barrel usually does not respond well to 275 grain bullets from other suppliers. Conditions were windy & rainy when the groups were shot. Can't wait for the Pittman 325's!!!!"






           Thought you would like to see the first two deer shot with your new bullets! Both deer were over 200 yards and went straight down, Bang Flop! I got these two after eating Thankgiving Dinner. Thanks for the first test  bullets from Pittman Bullets."



Jeff Hankins

Hankins Custom Rifles LLC


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