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Pittman Bullets

P.O. Box 48

Seymour, TN. 37865


(865) 776-6087

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Welcome to Pittman Bullets!!!

        Pittman Bullets is pleased to announce the new Aeromax® .402" lineup. These bullets feature Pittman Bullets patented tip design, US patent #10,921,104, and are designed for those .40 cal shooters with fast twist barrels looking to push the boundaries of high-performance muzzleloading. These Aeromax® .402's are available in 300, 325 and 350 grain weights. 

Pittman Bullets / Patent #10,921,104

         Muzzleloading has been a passion of mine since I was 10 years old shooting a cap and ball .54 TC Hawken. Back then I thought I had the best equipment available, and probably did, but as time went on I upgraded to several in-lines along the way before taking the leap into smokeless in 2014. Since Pittman Bullets began on January 1st of 2016, I have always strived to offer the best bullets that I possibly can for High - Performance Muzzleloading. The AccuMax .452" was the flagship design of Pittman Bullets. This design has been proven in the field and on paper for several years now. Many improvements and new offerings have been made along the way with the introduction of the Aeromax®​ .452's, AccuMax .402's and Aeromax® .402's. These bullets have opened the doors for many looking to shoot at extended ranges previously not even considered. One particular aspect that I have been focused on is improving the tightness and engagement of the tips for the AccuMax and Aeromax series. This has been a top priority with a lot of head scratching, hair pulling, tossing and turning to offer a better bullet to send down range. Mission Accomplished! On October 28th 2019 my patent lawyer filed a utility patent on my behalf for a " Rotation Inhibited Projectile Tip". I am pleased to announce that my patent application with The United States Patent and Trademark Office was granted and published on February 16th 2021, Patent #10,921,104. Going forward, bullets utilizing this patented technology will be packaged and labeled accordingly. All bullets offered by Pittman Bullets going forward will utilize this exclusive patented technology.


Thank You,

Kyle Pittman 

 A day at the range, or the hunt of a lifetime... the decision is yours. Pittman Bullets thanks you for your business!!!


"The Shot Beyond a Mile"

     This is a group I shot on 7/17/2021 at the Dead Zero gun range in  Spencer, TN. I was shooting my custom heavily built .40 bolt gun with the 325 Grain Aeromax® .402" version 1's. The distance was 1000 yards, .29 MOA - which is 3.036". Amazingly, the average impact velocity at 1000 yards for this group was 1584 fps with a standard deviation of 13.3 on impact!! 1811 foot pounds average of Kinetic Energy on impact!!! This is the best group I have shot at 1000 with any rifle to date. 


Kyle Pittman

"J.C." from New Jersey traveled down to the Kentucky Challenge in the Spring of 2024 and set a new 400 yard group record at .889" ! J.C. was shooting the Pittman Bullets Aeromax .452" 325 grain. Congratulations J.C. !!!!

This was the 400 yard group I shot during the match at the Kentucky Challenge on 8/08/2020. The group measures .916" center to center, (.219 MOA) and was shot with my custom built .40 and Pittman Aeromax® .402" 350 grain prototype bullets.  This was the 400 yard Kentucky Challenge record until 3/18/2024. "J.C." from New Jersey is now the new 400 yard record holder at .889". "J.C." was shooting the Pittman Bullets Aeromax .452" 325's.

This was a group I shot in practice on Friday evening 4-26-2019 in Kentucky. The group was measured by 3 witnesses and agreed to be .271" center to center, (.065 MOA). Conditions were absolutely perfect with no wind, no mirage and no glare. Distance was 400 Yards - Pittman Aeromax® .402" 325 Grain version 1's. 


Kyle Pittman

1267 yards is a LONG POKE with a centerfire, let alone a muzzleloader. Yet that was the objective that one of my highly experienced customers set out to do on 9/8/18. He requested a large batch of specific grain weight .402" Pittman AccuMax to be made at 312 grains. Looks like they did fantastic. The 7 shot group appears to be a little less than 8 inches center to center. Absolutely amazing shooting!!!  

Pittman Bullets - AccuMax Whitetail Big Buck 2016 - 2017

Ken Breslin - 174 7/8" Gross taken in Iowa on 12/10/2016

Ken made the shot with Pittman Bullets AccuMax .452 325's

Congratulations Ken!!

Pittman Bullets - AccuMax Whitetail Long Shot 2016 -2017

Tim Burnette - 826 Yards taken in Virginia on 11/18/2016

Tim made the shot with Pittman AccuMax .452 300's

Congratulations Tim!!


Pittman Bullets 2016-2017 Whitetail Contests:

AccuMax Long Shot

AccuMax Big Buck

AccuMax Big Doe


        Pittman Bullets will be awarding prizes and offering friendly competition to shooters of the Pittman Bullets AccuMax .452's during the 2016-2017 hunting season. Entries must be submitted by Feb 15th 2017. The winner of each contest will be awarded 50 AccuMax .452's of his/her choice in weight and core, plus a Pittman Bullets T-Shirt. Contest Rules are as follows:

  • Don't take a shot on an animal that you haven't made in practice on a target and feel that you can make.
  • Pittman Bullets - AccuMax .452's of any weight and core must be used to harvest the whitetail deer entered.
  • The Whitetail Deer entered must be taken during the 2016-2017 season in the U.S.A. and harvested on or before Jan 31st. 2017.
  • The Long Shot contest participant must include an image containing the deer and the hunter. A signed statement detailing the yardage of the shot, grain weight used, date and state of harvest must also be included.
  • The Big Buck contest will be based on the Boone and Crockett scoring system green score gross measurement. www.boone-crockett.org has all the resources you need to score your deer. The hunter must submit a copy of the score sheet, an image containing the hunter and the buck together. A signed statement of the date and state of harvest must also be included.
  • The Big Doe contest will be based on field dressed weight only. The hunter must submit an image containing the hunter and the doe together. Weight rounded down to the nearest pound. A signed statement of the date and state  of harvest must also be included.
  • The participant agrees that any images and type submitted to Pittman Bullets may be used by Pittman Bullets for repoduction and used as promotion by Pittman Bullets on but not limited to www.pittmanbullets.com.
  • Entries must be emailed to kyle.pittman@pittmanbullets.com and include the image as described above, location of harvest,  plus the name, address and telephone number of the hunter. Big Buck contest participants must include a copy of the B & C scoresheet which can be either mailed or emailed.

Good Luck to everyone this hunting season and thank you for supporting Pittman Bullets!!!!!




Pittman Bullets

P.O. Box 48

Seymour, TN. 37865


(865) 776-6087

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