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Hankins Custom Rifles L.L.C.

         When the time comes to get serious about muzzleloading, Pittman Bullets recommends Jeff Hankins of Hankins Custom Rifles to build your custom muzzleloading rifle. From western states legal, to a full blown smokeless with all the bells and whistles, Jeff can build what you are looking for.

         In early 2013 I researched extensively the concept of smokeless muzzleloading and gunsmiths who built them. If they had a website, I visited it. If they had a phone number, I called it. Some answered their phone, some did not. I asked for references, some provided them, some did not. Jeff Hankins answered his phone, gave references and gave me the confidence in his abilty to build my custom muzzleloader. Jeff is fully skilled, equipped, licensed and insured to build a muzzleloading rifle you would be more than proud to own. I received my first Hankins Custom Smokeless Muzzleloader, .45 cal, in August of 2014 and received my second, .40 cal, in January of 2018.

        Sub M.O.A. accuracy is the norm for a Hankins Smokeless Muzzleloader Build. My tightest 100 yard 3 shot group to date measures .094" center to center. Groups less than 1" at 200 yards and less than 2" at 400 yards are frequent with both of my builds from a steady bench. With a steady rest, light to zero wind and rangefinder in hand, I have total confidence in a 500 yard shot on whitetail sized game. Jeff builds his muzzleloaders using cut rifled barrels from top quality barrel manufacturers like Brux, Krieger and Rock Creek. Jeff designed his own ignition system utilizing a hardened stainless steel breech plug with a brass module and a large rifle magnum primer as the source of ignition. This ignition system has been named the H.I.S., Hankins Ignition System, and is the foundation for the Hankins Custom Muzzleloader. Are you ready to step up your muzzleloading game?

        Contact Jeff Hankins at  for your Custom Muzzleloader build and tell him that his buddy Kyle sent you!!

        Pittman Bullets encourages you to subscribe to Hankins Custom Rifles YouTube channel, better known as "Hank's TV", for very informative instructional videos out there on High - Performance Muzzleloading.    

Here is Jeff Hankins with a couple of 400 yard plus doe harvests of 2016 using the Pittman AccuMax 275's. Not only can he build a great muzzleloader, he knows how to pull the trigger when the time comes.




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